Construct the game then throw the dice to begin the Lego Minotaurus Game which includes:

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  • 224 pieces
  • for 2 -4 players
  • 12 microfigures
  • suitable for ages 5+
  • available from

Lego Minotaurus Game

Lego Minotaurus game like all Lego board games is an instant classic. The Lego Minotaurus game requires some construction before it can be played.

Have fun with all the family with this new Lego Game Minotaurus.

Played with dice that have interchangeable pieces, the Lego Minotaurus game will never be the same twice.

Was very popular game in Christmas 2009 the Lego Minotaurus will be a top christmas gift 2010.

Get yours now while they are still in stock. Always a big hit at christmas.

Lego Minotaurus Game Description

Be the first to lead your men to the secret temple which the Minotaur protects.

You must avoid the Minotaur which players can used to attack their opponents and knock them out of the maze.

You can cleverly place walls to block your opponents and reshape the maze during play.

The Lego Minotaurus Game has clear and simple rules which makes it suitable for children 5+ .

Lego Minotaurus Game is primarily for children but adults can have loads of fun too, especially when playing with their children.

The maze in the Lego Minotaurus Game is built from Lego which means it can be rebuilt to your own design or add extra pieces of your own to make it larger.

With the new Lego Minotaurus Game not only can you only alter the build of the board, change or adapt the rules but you can alter the makeup of the dice which is also buildable.

This exciting game will be hugely popular for Christmas 2010 – make sure you get yours NOW! to avoid disappointment.

Lego Minotaurus Reviews

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