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Miss Octavia The Sleepover Fairy Rag Doll Bride

UndertheChristmasTree were excitedly awaiting the arrival of Miss Octavia The Fairy Bride from Think Pink which we were kindly sent to review. When it dropped through our door a few days later it was first come first served to describe this beautiful soft rag doll which features:

  • 1 Fairy Rag Doll
  • 1 Satin Sleep Bag
  • 1 Fairy Message Card
  • suitable for age 3+

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RRP £19.99 in stock & available with free delivery from Amazon UK.

Mandy won the race – she’s quick off her mark and nimble on her size 4’s, if only she could type this fast! This is what she had to say about this pink, soft bodied doll.

“Before I even looked inside I was really impressed with the thought which had obviously gone into the packaging and loved the address label and stamp on the front. Who wouldn’t love to live in Love Heart Mansion, Love Lane, Fairy World along with all the Sleepover Fairies.?

Sliding the pink heart covered box with the transparent lid open, I lifted Miss Octavia from her pink satin sleeping bag.I loved this cute little doll, she’s so soft and beautifully dressed in her white satin dress.

She’s had her brown hair done for the day and set up on top of her head in a neat bun that perfectly holds her satin bow and white net veil in place.

She’s chosen a white satin dress, with a lace overlay for her big day and as it may be warm she’s opted for shoulder straps instead of sleeves. She’d had her dress designed for her so that she could open her pink wings and it perfectly matches her cute satin shoes with a rose motif.

She’s so happy, she’s been excitedly waiting for this day for ages and the big smile on her soft pink face, as she waits for her fairy carriage to take her to the ceremony, says it all.


Inside the box, which can be used as her bedroom, you will find her pretty pink satin sleep bag which has a soft pillow attached to it, along with her secret message card and although I’ve already read it, I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what it said, I’m really rather good at keeping secrets unlike Katy –  who just can’t hold her tongue!

I loved this 20cm soft fairy doll and I’m pretty sure kids over 3 will love her too. With such a soft, bendy material body, kids will have great fun putting on her dress and taking it off again when’s she’s ready to slip into her satin sleeping bag.

Princess Carriage Doodle Doodles A1 Poster

If your little one loves to colour in then this beautiful Princess Carriage A1 poster would make a great addition to their Fairy Rag Doll Bride.  It comes packed in a fluorescent pink tube along with 8 washable ink pens.   Once completed their work of art could be proudly hung on their bedroom wall.

Reviews for Miss Octavia The Fairy Bride

Do you already own this soft bodied fairy bride?   If you do we’d love to hear your thoughts about her.   You can contact us below.

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