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Mistletoe, Mince Pies And Merryment

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we get to eat and drink until our tummies are full. We were kindly sent the below items to review.

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It’s the time of year when eating a mince pie and opening up a box of sweeties at 8am on Christmas morning doesn’t seem wrong and having a drink with your breakfast is acceptable. Even Santa himself has a bit of his favourite tipple with Mrs Claus on Christmas Day, and we’re sure we heard a hiccup coming from Rudolph last year – maybe he had a bit too much of festive cheer…

Getting together with family and friends is the main part of the festive season and it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t take round your or their favourite tipple to celebrate Christmas. So weather your heading over to your families for a big gathering or your getting ready to go and visit your friends, make sure you take something with you that you would all like to try. So what ideas do we have up our sleeve for you to take to your friends or families homes?

Raisthorpe Manor’s Blood Orange Shimmer Vodka Liquor is a smooth and tangy drink which is bursting with flavour. It comes in a glass bottle and is very vibrant in colour. when you look at your drink you will also notice a hint of shimmering sparkle. This 9ct You and your friends could have this as a shot or you could make your very own cocktail.

You can buy This Vodka here: Raisthorpe Manor’s Blood Orange Shimmer Vodka Liquor

Smirnoff Gold is the newest flavoured vodka from Diageo. The luxury liqueur has a hint of cinnamon flavorings and garnished with real edible gold leaf. Not only can you have this on its own you could even perhaps make a cocktail for example, why not add some ice, Smirnoff Gold and Apple juice to a cocktail shaker, shake the mixture vigorously until the surface of the cocktail shaker feels cold, then using a cocktail strainer, strain in a flute glass and there you have your very own cocktail.

You can buy this Vodka here: Smirnoff Gold 70cl

The Black Grouse Alpha Edition may be a great option to take for those who prefer a whisky to drink. It is a richer and smokier expression of The Black grouse whisky. It is 40% alcohol and the bottle in black with a feather which is tied around the neck of the bottle. It comes in its own case which again is black and has a picture of a male grouse on the front as he embarks on his mission to become the alpha! This whisky is available in 70cl.

You can buy this whisky here: The Black Grouse Alpha Edition or from the official shop at www.thefamousgrouse.com/shop

The Famous Grouse Naked Edition is a premium blend whisky. The Naked Grouse contains two of the world’s most renowned malts, Highland Park and the Macallan, which are slow matured in first fill sherry casks. It tastes sweet, rich and of course very smooth. This isĀ  perfect for anyone who is a fan of whisky and you could also take this for a Hogmanay/New Years party to see in the bells for the new year.

You can buy this Whisky here: The Naked Grouse

Toffee Caramel Vodka By Raisthorpe Manor is also another option to take over to friends and family. It has a very festive gold colour and smells nice and sweet. Like the Blood Orange Vodka when you take look at your drink you will notice a hint of shimmering sparkle. It is 18% alcohol volume and comes in a glass bottle.

You can buy this Vodka here: Toffee Caramel Vodka By Raisthorpe Manor

What do you take when you go to your friends or family at Christmas time? Comment below and let us know.

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