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Monopoly Empire

Build your empire and win with this new Monopoly Empire board game, we were kindly sent this to review and which features:

  • 6 x new tokens
  • 2 players +
  • 30 billboard tiles
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up
  • Does not require any batteries

Monopoly Empire

Are you the next Alan Sugar or Richard Branson? You could be with Monopoly Empire. UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent over this new board game by Hasbro and here’s our impression.

At first glance we notice some of our favourite brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s (which made us instantly want fries), Xbox and more are on the front of the box, we asked ourselfs what can this mean in Monopoly terms? We then notice at the side that the trusted boot, ship and iron are no longer being used as our tokens but they have been replaced by McDonald’s fries, Paramount directors board, Xbox controller, Coca Cola bottle, a car and a motorbike and although we are very loyal to the other tokens we do like the new ones, who wouldn’t want McDonald’s fries representing you on a Monopoly board?

After our lengthy discussion about the new tokens, Katy from the office pointed out that so far we have spent 30 minutes with Monopoly Empire and have not in fact opened up the box yet. So John opened up the box and lifted out the board which can be easily unfolded and folded to be put away and seen that it has been updated. There are still the 2 places in the middle to place the Chance cards and the new Empire cards and of course the money which is available in 50, 100 and 500. Go Jail, Free Parking, In Jail/Just Visiting, Go and Water Works are all still main features on the board but the new squares which have brands on them such as Nerf, jetBlue, EA, Yahoo, EBay, Nestle and more all now feature as squares with a price underneath them to buy.

So to begin playing, Holly was nominated to be the banker and every player was give 1000k. Then we all selected a token (I got the McDonald’s fries) and placed them at Go, picked up 1 tower and placed in a corner of the board and we each picked 2 Empire cards. The youngest player starts and then you continue play clockwise.

Check out our demonstration on our official YouTube channel below.

When it was my turn, I rolled the both dice and moved the token forward and followed the instructions on the square which gave me the option to buy EA for 150k, which i did so I was given an EA billboard to  put on the billboard tower and then it was the next players turn to roll the dice and so on. The first person to hit the top of the billboard tower is the winner Рin this case it was John Рthe boss!

Overall the game was a lot of fun to play, although it has a new way to win, all of our favourite Monopoly features were still there such as Water Works, Chance cards and the tokens. The game itself is suitable for ages 8 years plus and is a perfect way to get all of the family involved and having lots of fun.

Monopoly Empire Reviews

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