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Monopoly Junior Disney Pixar Monsters University Board Game

If you love Monopoly and Monsters Inc then you will love this frightfully fast paced family board game – Monopoly Junior Disney Pixar Monsters University by winning moves which we were kindly sent to review.

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  • Suitable for ages 5 +
  • For 2-4 Players
  • Has your favourite Monster Inc characters
  • RRP £19.99
  • Available At Amazon UK

I have more screams than you! – That’s all we could hear when the game had finished and Holly had counted all her screams and won.

Winning moves sent UnderTheChristmasTree it’s Monster University monopoly junior game, and hit on a true favourite in our office.  Here is how to play and instructions:

Playing with three players (the game is for 2-4 players) Holly, John and Elaine set up the board which was just like setting up the original Monopoly, all you do is open the board and instead of playing chance and community cards you have report cards and put togther the ‘scaring 101 book (to set up the 101 book simply slot the cardboard pieces together), place these on the centre of the board, deal Scream notes, choose a baseball cap and take eight Campus buildings of that colour.

Once that has been done choose someone to be the University Dean (an adult would be a good option) and decide who goes first – this is always a tricky one in our office however, there is a Scare Games challenge to help decide.

Elaine went first and rolled the dice, she landed on the character Carla Delagado, now you can buy a monster if no one else owns it, Elaine decided to buy this so she paid the Dean the amount of Screams (which are stated on the board for example S1, S2) and took the card from the pile and placed her coloured campus on the slot, if anyone else lands on it you have to pay them Screams.

John went next and just visited the jail, Holly was next and fell onto the report card, she took the top card, read aloud and followed the intructions – she had to pay 3 Screams (I‘m not laughing..honestly!) which get put into the Scaring 101 book, if anyone lands on the book you get to keep all the Screams in that book – what a windfall.

If you land on the ‘Go to Jail’ you cannot collect 2 screams when you pass GO and you will also have to pay 1 scream note to the Dean. If you have bought up and ran out of campuses you can’t buy any more monsters unless you give up another one however there’s a catch!  You don’t get back the screams on the monster you previously bought – well you shouldn’t have been such a good scaring student!

After playing Monopoly Monsters University for around 45 minutes Holly had the most screams and won the game, unfortunately for John he only had 3 screams on his name.

The game which is suitable for age five and older, not only helps to teach basic mathmatics bit it is also bags loads of fun.  Featuring characters you and your children will know from the popular movies this is the perfect family board game to buy for Christmas 2013.

Congratulations to Winning Moves who had made it onto our official YouTube channel.  Watch our demonstration and how to play below:

Monsters University Monopoly Junior Review

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