Moon Dough Big Barn

Create a farm and the animals to go in it with moon dough big barn which contains:

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  • barn
  • moulds
  • hypo allergenic
  • doesn’t stick/dry out
  • suitable for age 3+
  • available from

Moon Dough Big Barn

Moon Dough Big Barn, is new for 2010 and one of this year Official Top Toys 2010 as decided by the Toy Retailers Association.

Unlike many mouldable toys for kids which ultimately dry out, Moon Dough just keeps on going. Moon Dough Never Dries Out so the gift you bought for Christmas is still being used way into the New Year.

With Moon Dough Big Barn children can create their very own farm and animals to put in it, by simply putting the ‘dough’ int the top of the big barn – turning the handle and out pops a random farm animal.

Perhaps you will get a sheep, a cow or even a chicken, either way all of these animals need to be cared for so you will need to mould some hay to feed them and animals tend to wander off – so you’ll need some fencing to keep them in, so that they don’t get lost.

If any of them do get lost – simply create even more animals for your farm.

Just like us animals also get tired, so when yours do why not put them into the stable with the swing door for a little rest.

Moon Dough Big Barn Description

Moon Dough Big Barn is the perfect for little hands as it is so light and fluffy making it so easy for them to shape, plus the advantage that it never dries out

Your little ones will spend all their spare time down on the farm with their Moon Dough Big Barn playset.

Whether they are moulding hay or popping some dough into the barn to make more farm animals in any one of the 3 colours which come with the playset.
Moon Dough is

  • light and fluffy
  • never dries out
  • doesn’t stick to clothes and carpets
  • doesn’t stain clothes and carpets
  • easy to clear up
  • encourages creative play
  • hypo allergenic
  • wheat free
  • suitable for ages 3 and up

The Moon Dough Big Barn is sure to be one of this year’s most wanted Christmas gifts and will be quickly snapped up.

The set, which includes a Barn, fence and hay moulds, themed play mat and 3 colours of Moon Dough is available now from the suppliers above.

What’s in the Moon Dough Big Barn Box?

What will they find when they open their Moon Dough Big Barn Box?

  • 1 x Magic Moulding Barn
  • 1 x Fries Hand Mould
  • 1 x Hay Bale Hand Mould,
  • 1 x Playmat
  • 3 colours of Moon Dough

Moon Dough Big Barn Reviews

Moon Dough Big Barn is a new release from Spinmaster for 2010 and because it so new there are as yet no reviews to show you.

This will be a hugely popular toy for girls this Christmas and will quickly fly off the shelves, if you are one of the lucky ones who have managed to get your hands on one then we would love to hear what you thought about Moon Dough Big Barn

You can contact us via our Customers Reviews Section below.

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