More days Off In The Run-up To Christmas To Make Country Happier

Government wellbeing officers are seriously considering moving some of the national days off including moving bank holiday from May to December to make the country a ‘happier’ place.

summer bank holidays

Would you like an extra day off on the run-up to Christmas? It seems the Government wellbeing officers think so!

Lisa Ollerhead from the unit wrote on the blog -‘ Wellbeing and why it matters’: ‘After a few more years of data we might even consider moving a bank holiday into early winter when the nights are drawing in and we’re feeling low.’

At present there are two bank holidays in MaChristmas Tree traditionaly, often shortly after the Easter break and one at the end of August,  leaving the country with no days off until Christmas, that is a long time to go without!

This proposal has only just been thought of and would not be implemented until a few more years of data had been collected, so it looks as though we will have to just sit and wait.

Would you be happier if you had the extra day off before Christmas? We know that our shopping could possibly get underway if we did.

Do you want a extra day off before Christmas? Share your comments below.

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