More Homework for Adults

Do you work for a company from the comfort of your own home? The you will work more!

Many parents choose this option, if it is available, as they can slot in doctors appointments, school meetings or the school run every day.

By logging in and working from home it has been revealed that you will probably work more hours behind your desk than you would if you’d gone to the office.

New figures suggest that you will put in 24 days a year more than you would by working in the office.

A survey, carried out by UCi2i, reveals that those who work from home are treated with suspicion by their colleagues and 25% of them thought that home workers were cheating the system.

The survey also revealed that by allowing employees to regularly work from home, employers not only get more quantity but also more quality work.

Working without the stress of commute, peace and quiet and more contentment due to their flexible work/life balance reflects in the amount of ‘overtime’ they put in.

Do you work from home? Has it changed your daily work routine, do you find yourself working more hours as a result? Get in touch below and tell us your experience.

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