Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home

Poppet can help you bring your online moshi home into your home! Change the windows, doors, floors and a whole lot more! If you get bored simply change it around all over again with stickers and a host of accessories. The Moshi monsters my Moshi home features:

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  • 1 Moshi Home
  • Changeable accessories such as Window frames, doors and furniture
  • posable poppet and 20 accessories
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up
  • available from

Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home

You can now easily create your very own moshi home, with over 20 different accessories and re-usable stickers you and the shy poppet can get to work and decorate your home. Change floors, furniture and if you get bored of that design simply start all over again. Don’t forget to add in ll your accessories – whats a house without bin and a wheel of fortune?

Once you have sorted the downstairs its time to head to the upper floor of your home. Simply slot one of the floors and start getting to work! Moshi Monsters my moshi home is portable and can be set up anywhere there’s a flat surface – great for taking away on days out or if you are at a friends. Once done simply make sure everything is inside the home and swing it closed.

Moshi Monsters my Moshi home comes with a secret code for a limited edition moshling online. You can see that the playset is when closed is yellow with red, yellow and brown slates for the roof. There is a brown (wooden door) and two windows. When you open up my moshi home it is ready for you to decorate. Suitable toy for kids age 4 and older this has been announced in Tesco’s top Christmas toys 2012 so we can imagine that mums and dads will be trying hard to get their hands on one.

Overall we think this is fun to play with as you can keep on re-creating different designs, easy to take away with you and so easy to store away. If your already part of the fan club this will be a great addition to your toys and if you are new to these cute monsters this will be a brilliant starter toy.

More About Moshi Monsters
Moshi Monsters is a virtual world where kids can adopt their own moshling pet such as Poppet, Furi and more. Monstro City is where everything takes place – explore the world, make friends, solve puzzles, communicate with your friends via the pin boards and even earn Rox (in-game currency) where you can go shopping with the rox you have earned.

What’s inside the My moshi Home box?

Below is a list of information on what you will receive inside the box.

  • 1 x moshi home
  • changeable accessories
  • stickers
  • posable poppet
  • 20 accessories

Moshi Monsters my Moshi Home reviews

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