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Mothers Day Breakfast: Made By Your Kids

We all know that kids in the kitchen can mean a lot of mess and not much to show for it, but we’ve compiled a list of breakfasts your children can make for you on mothers day without emptying the kitchen, or ruining the carpet… or the wallpaper.

Bread with jam. Now this could well end up being a sticky one, but it requires very little effort, ingredients and utensils.  Ready sliced bread would be best of course, and all your children would need to do, is put the bread on a tray, and bring some jams and spoons to you. Your children will feel satisfied that they have helped, but your kitchen will not suffer because of it.

Cereal & Fruit Juice. Now your best bet, would be to head to your local supermarket, and buy a range of the ‘breakfast boxes’ which has the mini cereal boxes in it. Your children would need to put a selection on a tray, with milk, and pour you a glass (or cup) of fruit juice to go with your cereal.

Oatcakes With Cream Cheese. This is probably the ‘safest’ option. Your children could give you a few oatcakes with a a few dairylea triangles! Mess free! Hallelujah we hear you cry.

Pancakes With Syrup. With the help of an adult, your children should be able to make pancakes for your mothers day breakfast. Your children could help with the whisking and can help to put syrup on the pancakes once they have been made.  There is a chance this could be a messy one, syrup and children invariably equate to stickyness. Wet wipes at the ready.

So now you have a few ideas of how your children can help to make your mothers day breakfast, do you trust them, or yourself enough to let them make it without the help of a hoover or new wallpaper? We’ve tried our best, good luck!

What will you be making for your mum’s breakfast on Mother’s Day? Comment below and let us know.

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