Mother’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Mothering Sunday aka Mothers day is only around the corner (10th March, just incase you forgot!) so why not make the day extra special by getting your little ones to design their very own Mothers Day card.

Not only will this help to get your child’s imagination and creativity flowing but you will feel extremely overwhelmed when your child shows just how much they do love you.

From paper plates, glitter to household products, making your own Mothers Day card is easy and lot of fun to do, however if using paint, glitter or something messy, put paper down and a apron on or mum will just end up doing the cleaning!

Below is a quick and easy flower card making idea for your children to do.

Flower Card Instructions:

You can make this as easy as you want, all you need is a sheet of paper and card, plastic lids/compass, pens/paint, glue, scissors and whatever other little accessories you want such as glitter and felt.

1 – Take the sheet of card and fold in half this is to make it open like a card.

2 – On the piece of paper make three or four different size circles going from extra large to small. You can do this by using lids or a compass.

3 – Paint or colour in each of the circle’s with different colours, once dry you can add extras such as glitter by spreading glue on the areas you want the glitter to go on.

4 – Once the circles are dry, put a blob of glue in the centre of the piece of card and stick the largest circle on to it, then put a blob of glue in the centre on the large circle and place the second largest circle on. repeat until the smallest piece is stuck on.

5 – Once all pieces are glued on stick an old button in the middle (for the centre of the flower)

6 – For the steam you can either paint on, use green felt or even paint a straw and stick to the piece of card.

7 – Just to give the flower something a little extra why not go outside and find some old dry leaves to stick on.

And your done!

All that’s next is watching your mothers face light up when you present her with her very own unique Mothers Day Card.

Is your little one creating their very own Mothering Sunday card? What are your tips and tricks? Comment using our easy comment box below and share with others.

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