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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Laura Ashley

Stuck for ideas of what to get your mum for her Mother’s Day present? Why not head on over to Laura Ashley as they have lots of different things that your mum will love! Here are just a few ideas:


Laura Ashley offer some stunning pictures which your mum would love on mothers day. From a Sand and Sea Canvas to a Wood Panel World Map, there’s sure to be a picture there that she would love.

Door Stop

Door stops come in many different design, you can get a dog, cat, chicken, elephant and more. Each of these are in their own unique design and are very cute!


Who doesn’t love to get new toiletries? How about a nice new wash/lotion gift set? or powder rose soap roses? Laura Ashley offer a range of toiletries so your sure to find the perfect set for her.

Jewellery Storage

Everyone needs somewhere nice to storage all of their jewellery. It has to keep your jewellery safe but also has to look stylish too. So how about a jewellery box for your mum? or if that isn’t her cup of tea what about a jewellery roll? With the jewellery roll you simply place your jewellery into the slots that the roll has and simply fold it up and shut with fastening or sometimes they simply have tie to keep them shut.

Photo Frames

Who doesn’t want a photo frame to put a few of their favourite pictures in? From oval to rectangle, Laura Ashley has quite a few different choices of photo frames for you to choose so your mum get the perfect gift this mother day.

Candles & Candle Holders

Everyone loves candles and candle holders, there’s scented, unscented and lots of different designs for you to choose from. You can place it in different places around the house and can help add to the character of a room.

Vases & Bowls

If you buy your mum a nice bunch of flowers this Mother’s Day why not buy her a nice vase to put them in, she will appreciate the thought and put your vase and flowers in pride of place.

What will you be getting your mum for Mother’s Day this year? Comment below and let us know.

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