Mother’s Day Paper Flowers Gift Ideas for Kids

What mum doesn’t love to receive a bouquet of her favourite flowers on Mother’s Day? actually what mum doesn’t love to receive flowers any day of year?

As Mothering Sunday approaches it isn’t all about expensive gifts and days out especially when you have younger children, as a homemade gift can not only be less expensive it can also mean a lot more as you have taken the time to do something unique for mum.

Whether it be tulips, roses or lily’s your child can make the perfect bunch of flowers which might last longer than a few days!

Below is a wonderful way for children to make paper flowers:

All you need:

  • Construction paper, your choice of colors, depending on what flower you will create.
  • Pom poms or cotton wool buds, medium or large, your choice of colors.
  • Bendable straws, which you can find in any supermarket.
  • White craft glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Flower shaped cookie cutter or stencil (optional).

How to make:

1 – Use the flower stencil’s or cookie cutters and draw flowers onto the construction paper.

2 – Cut the outer flower shape.

3 – Once finished cutting the outer shape of the flower next, cut the center of the flower from the side of one of the petals, and then cut a small circle out of the middle.

4 – Overlap the two petals between the cut line and glue together.

5 – Put some glue onto the pom pom or cotton wool buds and place in into the center of the flower.

6 – Carefully turn the flower over and glue the straw to the back end of the cotton wool/pom pom.

Tip: Gluing parts of the flower and putting some glitter onto each petal would make your flower extra special.

7 – Stand the flower upside down and lean against something to allow the glue to dry completely.

Repeat the steps to make as many or as little flowers as you want.

Children can make these paper flowers all year round, as Easter approaches daffodils would brighten up any home.

Has your child made paper flowers before? Share your tips below by commenting in our easy comments box.

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