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Move Over PlayStation, Microsoft Will Have The Best Games Out For Christmas

Microsoft believes that the XBox One will have the strongest lineup for games this Christmas and will lead the way against it’s rival – the Playstation 4.

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Speaking to GameSpot, chief marketing and strategy officer for Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, said: “I’m really excited about E3,” he added, “cautiously optimistic that we’ll have the value proposition that is also a very strong, if not the strongest, games lineup for the second holiday.”

With this huge statement being released, we simply just had to took a look into what games Microsoft were bringing out for Christmas 2014, these included:

These are some pretty big headliners for Microsft, however Sony who are hot on their heels are also set to release The Order: 1886 for £49.85 HERE at Amazon and DriveClub which will be EXCLUSIVE to PS4.

Will both companies stick to just these games for autumn/winter?  We very much doubt it! Rumour around the virtual globe is that Playstation and Microsft are set to add further additions to their holiday line up during next month’s E3 – What do you think these will be?

With the huge success of last years Call of Duty Ghosts and launch of the Playstation 4, one thing is certain – Christmas is going to be the battle of the consoles!

What games do you think Microsoft will release?  Will you pre-order the latest releases?

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