Mum, Dad, I’ve Got Something To Tell You….

These are words that as parents we dread hearing, but this time you might find it awkward but easy to accept.

Mum, Dad, I’ve got something to tell you ….I’m a VEGETARIAN!

As a moment of awkward silence reigns supreme over the room as everyone sits still in their seats looking strangely bewildered at this outburst and wondering What the? How? Why? Is it my fault?

After you’ve digested their announcement questions start popping into your head

How on earth are you going to break this news to your mother? After all vegetarianism wasn’t around in her day, you know she’ll think its wrong and probably your fault – you mollycoddle your children way too much.

You’ll need to nip next door to tell your nearest neighbour before word gets out – it’s better to hear news like this first hand.

This is the first time since you got married that can remember your husband rushing to the kitchen and rattling the pots and pans in an effort to make a meat based ‘something’ that will tempt them away from this fad because after all it is just a fad – isn’t it?

Take a deep breath and head to the nearest computer to find some exciting meals you can make your newly vegetarian offspring for dinner.

Until now it’s been so easy to feed the family and since this spanner has been thrown into the works you’ll need to rethink your shopping list.

As a family you probably already eat loads of fruit and vegetables but when the meat and two veg now become just the two veg where can you turn for inspiration.

As a meat eater you probably are unaware of all the fantastic vegetarian food that is now readily available in your local supermarket.

Bacon and eggs for a Sunday morning breakfast becomes vegetarian bacon and eggs – no it doesn’t taste quite the same as your favourite streaky variety but as a vegetarian they’re unlikely to want it to.

Many parents try to ‘change’ them back to eating meat and although happy that they are vegetarian would prefer them to change when they no longer live at home and can cook for themselves.

Nobody ever said it was easy being a parent and we all want what’s best for our children – just not today!

Have you got a family member who is vegetarian?  Did you/they find it hard to tell the family? Tell us what your thoughts are using our comments box below:

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