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My Elf Door Will Unlock Your Imagination This Christmas

As your child is fast asleep, all tucked up in their bed, with magical Christmas thoughts filling their head, just imagine the excitement next morning as they discover tiny glitter footprints, messages and gifts left by their Elf friends who came through the “My Elf Door” late that night. We were kindly sent this to review.

my elf door

Children’s imaginations work at double (if not triple) time around the festive season.  From Santa and his elves, to the North Pole, keeping the spirit alive, and the children calm, is crucial, especially if you still have a hundred and one jobs left to do.

The ‘My Elf Door’ will not only unlock your child’s imagination and keep them entertained each day on the run up to Xmas but can also help you to get your little one to do small tasks that the ‘Elf’ may ask them to do!

When The Magic Door Store sent us over their “My Elf Door” there was something enchanting and mystical about it – from the green door, the tiny knocker and tub of magic dust – the company had thought of everything.

As the door is small it can be placed in any room in the house, preferably somewhere parents might be able to access easily…just in-case the elves make a sparkly mess! Plus these new little friends like to be kept secret and somewhere quiet.

Placing our door against our office wall, we left and hoped that next morning our Elf had been through to visit and perhaps even leaving a little gift too, Mandy hoped for chocolate coins!

Arriving next day, we were all startled to see that our little Elf had been, leaving glitter on the handle and even a little sprinkle on the floor.  Mandy looked around to see if any messages or presents had been left, and couldn’t believe her luck when she spotted a packet of biscuits hidden behind the door, however she was slightly suspicious when she read the message which came from our Elf, it said:

“to have these you must offer to make tea or coffee for the team for the rest of the day – love your Elf friends”

Mandy, being a sucker for a packet of biscuits took to the tea and coffee task and then demolished the pack, she did however give everyone ONE biscuit just in case the Elf was watching.

Creative, fun and oozing festive magic your tiny tot’s eyes will be all a glow when they wake up to see what their elf has left them. Every household should have a Magic Door and if you’re struggling for a gift idea for a new parent or if you simply want something to keep your little one busy during December this would be perfect.

Priced at around £20, Your Elf Door is available from The Magic Door Store

What would you want your Elf to leave you through Your Elf Door? Let us and others know below

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