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Dance and laugh along with my keepon interactive yellow robot which features:

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  • yellow blob
  • interactive
  • dances
  • different modes
  • suitable for all ages
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My Keepon Interactive Yellow Robot

Far more than just your ordinary robotic toy this dancing yellow blob called My Keepon has kept our office watching for hours! Already one of the biggest selling toys in the US, my keepon toy is set to storm the UK Market in late September, earl October – Just in time for Christmas.

This small yellow bird shaped toy features two modes, keepon can go to dance mode where thanks to innovative built in beat detection technology he will dance in time to whatever song or sound is playing played.

Whether it be music, patting, clapping and more.

Touch Mode where sophisticated sensors have been hidden around this bright yellow squidgy body which allows him to respond to touch such as poking, tapping, tickling and more.

With a unique design and his very own fun personality my keepon will change his mood in response to your touch.

My Keepon can go from curious, to excited to even being a little bit sleepy!

Created by Hideki Kozima in Kyoto Japanthis learning toy will help children with development disorders such as autism understand emotive action and more.

Demand for my keepon is set to be huge as already the release date has been pushed back due to uk retailers trying to get their hands on as many as possible.

Suitable for all ages (which means us at the office don’t feel so guilty about wanting one!) this will be one of the hot boys toys and girls toys for christmas.

What to expect in the Box when Keepon Toy arrives

Below is a list of what you will receive in the kids toys box when the My Keepon arrives. At the moment as this robot toy is not due out until September/october in the United Kingdom we cannot be entirely sure on what you will receive in the box. When we get more information we will put it here in this section.

  • My Keepon robot toy

Features and Specifications for My Keepon robot

Here is a list of the top features and Specifications of my keepon by wow stuff interactive toy

This is what keepon can do;

  • keepon has 2 different modes available ‘Dance Mode’ and ‘Touch Mode.
  • built-in mic and the most advanced beat technology and software.
  • It contains two cameras within its eyes, a microphone in its nose and four motors within its rubber body.
  • helps hundreds of children with developmental disorders learn how to react when given a situation.
  • Reacts with different moods such as excitement and curiosity.
  • require 8x AA batteries – which are not included

My Keepon Reviews

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Do you already have this kids toy? If you do feel free to send us your thoughts via Customers Reviews Section below.

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