National Vegetarian Week is coming and we are taking part!

National Vegetarian Week starts on Monday 20th of May to Sunday 26th May and we are gearing up to promote this meat free May week!

To celebrate this fantastic week UnderTheChristmasTree who are nearly all 100% vegetarian (we just can’t give up our Christmas Turkey…yet!) will be celebrating this fantastic week by doing the following:

  • UTCT will be doing Q & A’s with some of the top people in the Vegetarian industry.
  • Articles on health issues, recipes, how to’s and much more.
  • Running some very exciting competition to get you started on the road to becoming Veggie!.
  • Finding out about meat free products.

We don’t want to give it all away but their will be much, much more to celebrate the week, So who’s with us?

Put down the bacon, throw out the packed burgers and pick up the bacon and burgers – the only difference? make sure they are meat free!

Everyone can take part, whether you eat meat, little meat or you don’t eat meat you can take part.

If you eat a lot of meat and are unsure what being vegetarian is all about why not take the week or even just a few days to swap meat for Quorn (or a meat free option) and give it a taste – you will be very surprised as it’s extra tasty!

If you don’t eat a lot of meat why not go the whole “hog” and go veggie for the whole week.

Don’t eat any meat and think National Vegetarian Week must not be for you…wrong! why not get out a recipe book and write or even blog about your favourite veggie recipes. You could even share your story about why and how you became Vegetarian.

It not just about going meat free it’s about helping the environment, protecting our animals and keeping us all healthy and happy!

Don’t forget to check back on our website for National Vegetarian Week which starts on May 20th or if you want to find out first about competitions, articles and more join our free newsletter and be one of the first to know.

Will you be taking part in National Vegetarian Week and if so what will you be doing? Let us and other know by commenting below:

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