Lock! Load! Let battle commence with the nerf havok fire which contains:

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  • fast
  • powerful
  • foam darts
  • piston powered
  • suitable for age 8+

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Nerf Havok Fire

Let belt-fed battle commence with this, the fastest, most powerful Nerf blaster ever created.

Capable of spitting out up to 3 foam darts per second, the fully-automatic Nerf Havok Fire will mow down enemy forces before you can say ‘I’ll be back” The Nef Havok Fire was undoubtedly a top Christmas 2009 gift and as with all gifts in this category will sell out quickly again in 2010, we urge you to get your NERF HAVOK FIRE NOW! to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Fully-automatic, this truly awesome belt-fed weapon makes other Nerf-cannons seem as intimidating as pea shooters.

Simply lock and load the realistic ammo belt, pull the trigger and leave the rest to the Nerf Havok Fire’s piston-powered internal launching system as you unleash a storm of foam-tipped mayhem.

We guarantee you’ll never tire of watching the ammo belt feeding its way through your blaster

Nerf Havoc Fire Description

Every time you pick up the Nerf Havok Fire Automatic Blaster you turn into your favourite hero! You’ll be running around shouting  like Arnie) “I’ll be back” and shooting your Automatic dart cannon. For extra precision why not switch over to single shot mode. The tripod on the Nerf Havok Fire is removable so you can run around and blast as you go, or find the ultimate hiding spot and blast them one at a time. Great fun for Christmas 2010 and a gift that will be constantly used.

Havoc Fire Specifications

The largest fully automatic Nerf gun ever.

Shoots up to 3 darts per second.

Switch to single shot mode for ultra precision.

Detachable folding tripod.

Includes an ammo box, a 25 dart belt, 25 Sonic Micro Darts and shoulder strap.

Also includes a full set of instructions.

Suitable for ages 8 years +.

Requires 6 x D batteries (not included).

The Nerf Havok Fire is quite possibly the greatest addition to any infantile warmonger’s comedy armoury, the Nerf Havok Rapid Fire is going to be one hugely popular weapon, so stop messing about with that bandana and vest and get ordering.

Havoc Fire Reviews

Do you already own the Nerf Havoc Fire?   If so we’d like to hear what you really think of this nerf gun.  Good or Bad your comments would be much appreciated.

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