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New Game to aid Numeracy

Would your child benefit from a little extra help with numeracy?

A new board game ‘Plyt’ has been released which may well help them on their way.

Designed by parents Ian and Lisa McCartney the aim of this family game is to challenge children’s numeracy skills in order to travel around the board.

Suitable from age 4 and over it’s a fast paced, easy to play game where all the family can get involved, regardless of age or abilities.

The basis of the game is to correctly multiply the numbers on the dice in order to move forward, the better you get the more dice come into play,making it easy for even little ones to take part.

What’s even better is that kids and adults will enjoy playing it and the more you play the better everyone will get.

Featuring chance cards that can boost levels up and make the game more difficult, play is designed to last between 15 minutes to one hour. Each player must throw the master die plus any number of the other dice and multiply each of the numbers shown together. The winner is the first to reach the final square, but beware – landing on a Plyt square can change the game!

Will you take on your family to a game of Plyt?  Will you be first to reach the end of the trail or will one of your children beat you to it?  Will the pressure of the timer cause you to answer incorrectly?

Do you have the cool head it takes to play this family board game?

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