New Government Christmas Initiative..

Our lovely government have decided that people should show kindness and appreciation to their employers by working on Christmas Day… For free.

Yes, that’s right! Christmas is set to be a working day.  The government have decided that we should all be so grateful for our jobs, that we should work for free on Christmas Day to help boost the economy and give a little something back to our employers.

On top of that, they have decided to push the idea by making Christmas Day officially a working day.

No more will we be able to sit by the fire and eat our entire weight in Quality Streets, No more will we be able to watch Christmas movies with a glass of Sherry.

This devastating news has been somewhat of a nightmare for us here at UTCT.   It somehow doesn’t seem real.

Oh, by any chance does anyone know what date it is?


The government wouldn’t dare to come between us and our Quality Streets! Happy April Fools Day from all of us here at the UTCT offices. Hope we didn’t scare you too much!

Have you pulled any April Fools pranks today?

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