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New Sesame Street Toys For 2013!

Sesame Street are set to launch their latest range of toys with help from Hasbro.

Elmo, Ernie and the Cookie Monster are set to dominate our Christmas Tree’s this Christmas 2013, with all three characters having new toys being released.

The Toy Fair in New York showcased a new product which features Elmo. Elmo for the first time, is able to give you a hug! Aswell as Big Hugs Elmo, an app learning system called P.A.L. The learning system is set to teach pre-schoolers how to play in the digital world.  Finally, the last toys to be showcased were cars and trains in a game called ‘The World Of Roads & Rails’.

Jerry Perez, General Manager of PLAYSKOOL said;- “Sesame Street characters are a ‘must have’ in every child’s toy box. This year’s PLAYSKOOL line up offers a fresh perspective on classic characters and timeless play patterns.”

“We are thrilled to provide children with that magical moment when Elmo actually hugs them back or the exciting experience of joining Cookie Monster for an interactive Sesame P.A.L. digital adventure. Parents will enjoy sharing new and different ways to engage their children with their favorite friends.”

Sherrie Westin, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sesame Workshop said;- “PLAYSKOOL has created an inspired new toy line that promises to delight young children as they interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters through play, We trust that parents and children alike will find this new Sesame Street collection both engaging and educational.”

Will Elmo be giving you a hug this 2013?

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