Niall Horan Christmas Rap Album!

Christmas is about to get a whole lot cooler this 2014 after Niall Horan announces that he will release a Christmas rap album with Snoop Dogg!

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While we reckon Niall was joking, we can’t help but think the album would hit the number 1 slot.

Admittedly, The normally squeaky clean popstar and 1/5th of one direction is an unlikely rap star!

The revelation from the 1D star comes after the boys were promoting their new fragrance “You & I” in New York and were each asked if they were thinking of going in separate directions, to which Niall replied with:

“I’m doing a Christmas rap album. Me and Drake… and Snoop Lion”

What Christmas songs do you imagine Niall would rap to? We think the 12 days of Christmas and “Last Christmas” would be top hitters.

Also, just out of interest, what would you say Niall’s rapper name would be? We think MC “Horan”dous’ (horren-dous)¬†get it?

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