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Nine Audio VEGA Headphones

Gone are the days when it was ‘uncool’ to have visible over head headphones.  Nowadays it’s so much ‘cooler’ to have visible headphones.  We were kindly sent the Nine Audio VEGA Headphones which have many features, some of which include:-

  • Enhanced Bass Response
  • Detachable Headphone Cable
  • Hands Free Microphone
  • RRP £59.99

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In Stock and available with Free Delivery from Amazon  UK

Technology has moved on so much that you can now have a full sound system directly in your ears. Gone are the days  when you needed massive speakers to create a gig-like sound effect.  ‘Play It Like You Mean It’ with these amazing headphones from Nine Audio with enhanced bass response, making you  feel as though Lady Gaga is singing in your ear. How amazing would that be!?

The Nine Audio VEGA Headphones have soft padded ears for comfort with a leather design and these are adjustable to fit any adults.  The headphones are black and yellow making these somewhat edgy. You really are going to find it hard not to dance while you’re walking to work on a Monday morning with these headphones.

You can detach the cable on these to be plugged into the other side – this is all a personal preference but the customization makes these headphones unique to others.  Your headphones even have a built in hands-free microphone. You can answer your smartphone with the touch of one button and have a conversation using just your headphones.

When putting on the headphones you first notice how comfortable they are and just how easy it is to adjust the size to fit over your ears. They have a soft padding on the inside which means they don’t hurt your ears. The volume can be easily adjusted on the device your listening to your music with and the headphones remove a lot of background noise so you can hear your music clearly.

To buy the nine audio vega headphones at £59.95, click here.

For all you tech-buffs out there, the specifications for the headphones look pretty good!

  • Driver Unit:  40mm
  • Speaker Impedance: 32ohm+15%
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 110dB+3dB
  • Speaker Frequency Response: 100Hz – 10KHz

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