Nintendo 3DS Aqua

Have fun in3D with the new Nintendo 3DS in stunning aqua blue which features:

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  • 3D games console
  • touchscreen
  • 2 GB memory card
  • manual
  • warranty
  • Available from AMAZON UK

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue is the first of its kind. A completely 3D handheld games console!

The Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue follows the DSi which was very popular for Christmas 2010, but theres only one console the kids have on their christmas lists this xmas 2011 – The Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue.

The Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue has a 3D touchscreen, you can adjust the intensity of the 3D using the slider! All 3D games can be played in 2D at the push of a button.

The games console also includes a 3D camera, which allows the user to see everything in 3D and of course take pictures in 3D. You can also adjust the size of the stylus. Simply remove the stylus from the facia and you will be able to adjust it according to your preference.

You’ll be sure to never run out of memory with your new Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue, with a 2GB Memory card included. What more could you ask for?.

whats in the box?

What will you find when you open your Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue box?

  • Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue
  • ¬†Charging Cradle
  • Nintendo 3DS AC Adapter
  • 3DS Stylus
  • ¬†2GB Memory Card
  • 6 AR Cards
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Operations Manual Including Warranty

Specifications for Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue Top Games Consoles

Below is a list of information on the Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue games consoles specifications and technical details

  • Size (when closed) – 2.9″ high, 5.3″ long, 0.8″ deep.
  • weight – Approximately 8 ounces (including battery pack, stylus, SD memory card).
  • Upper 3D Display – 3.53″ (3.02″ wide x 1.81″ high) with 800 x 240 pixel resolution, range of 16.77 million colors and 400 pixels are allocated to each eye to enable 3D viewing.
  • Lower Screen – 3.02″ (2.42″ wide, 1.81″ high) with 320 x 240 pixel resolution and range of 16.77 million colors.
  • Cameras – 3 (2 facing out, 1 facing in), each with 640 x 480 resolution capability; single focus lenses using the CMOS capture element; active pixel count is approximately 300,000 pixels.
  • Wireless Functionality – 2.4 GHz, supporting IEEE802.11 b/g with the WPA/WPA2 security features.
  • Input Controls – A/B/X/Y Button, + control pad, L/R button, START/SELECT, Circle Pad (enabling 360-degree analogue input), Touchscreen, embedded microphone, Camera, Motion sensor, Gyro sensor.
  • Other Input Controls – 3D Depth Slider (enabling smooth adjustment of the 3D level effect), HOME (HOME button brings up the HOME menu), Wireless switch (can disable wireless functionality even during game play), POWER button.
  • Parental Controls – Enable parents to restrict game content by ratings as well as use of specific wireless connectivity, 3D functionality, etc.
  • System Transfer – Enable users to transfer already purchased software from one Nintendo 3DS system to another. DSiWare purchased for the Nintendo DSi or the Nintendo DSi XL can also be transferred into a Nintendo 3DS system.
  • Built-in Software – Includes: the Nintendo 3DS Camera, Nintendo 3DS Sound, Mii Maker, StreetPass, Mii Plaza, AR Games, Activity Log, Face Raiders, etc.
  • Connector – Game Card slot, SD Card slot, Cradle connector, AC adapter connector, Audio jack (stereo output).
  • Sound – Stereo speakers positioned to the left and right of the top screen (supports virtual surround sound).
  • Stylus – Telescoping stylus (approximately 3.94″ when fully extended).
  • Electric Power – AC adapter. Nintendo 3DS Battery Pack (lithium ion battery) [CTR-003].
  • Approximate Charge Time – 3.5 hours.
  • Approximate Battery Duration – 3-5 hours (3DS software), 5-8 hour (DS software and/or with lowered brightness settings).
  • Game Card – Nintendo 3DS Game Card. The size is approximately the same as Nintendo DS Game Card.

Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue Reviews

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