Novi Stars Ali Lectric Doll

Meet Alie Lectric one of four Novi Stars dolls who have just arrived on Earth and feature:

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  • Pet
  • Blushes in different colours
  • Requires batteries
  • Suitable for age 6+

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Novi Stars Ali Lectric Doll

Alie Lectric describes herself as iridescent, intelligent and friendly. With bright pink hair and a translucent green body, which when activated by her touch sensor, lights up.

She chose iridescent because she often lights up, blushes, in different colours (2 x AG13 batteries are required for Alie Lectric and are not included)

Who is Ali Lectric?

Alie has metallic eyes with heart icon, her antennas are heart shaped and she has glitter eyelashes. Her pet, Hi-Def, is never far from her side and has a matching bright pink bow on top of its head.

This 200 trillion light years old girl came to earth and her mission was to teach her Earth friends how to think like a star!

Find out more about ‘what on Earth is going on’ with Ali Lectric  by logging into the Novi Stars  website

Alie is Brainy and Organized – maths is so easy for her and she loves to learn new things and meet new friends.

Like all the Novi Star dolls, Alie Lectric comes with:

  • Her own pet – Alie’s is call Hi-Def
  • Glow in the dark stand
  • Package handle which doubles as a headband for you.

What is Nova Stars Alie Lectric’s Favourite Food?

Since arriving on Earth she has discovered her love of Hamburgers, Chips, Milkshakes and Doughnuts the only problem she has is deciding what to have!

She admits that she still has loads of Earth things that she needs to learn and number one on her list is how not to blush in front of cute Earth boys.

Clever though Alie Lectric is she just doesn’t understand the concept of Static Electricity.

Who are the other Novi Stars?

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As the Novi Stars dolls have only just been released there are no reviews to show at present, however, if you have already bought one of these 4 dolls please tell us what you though of it below.

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