Novi Stars Ari Roma Doll

Meet Ari Roma one of four Novi Star dolls who have just arrived on Earth and feature:

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  • Pet
  • Removable Bubble Helmet
  • Batteries not required
  • Suitable for age 6+

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Novi Stars Ari Roma Doll

Looking good for her age, she is 3ooo Eons old after all, Ari describes herself as an air head.

Take one look at her and you will understand why. She still has to wear her bubble helmet because she hasn’t quite managed to breathe Earth Air yet so still needs her ‘bubble’ around her head.

Who is Ari Roma

Ari lives in her own bubble gum scented atmosphere and is bubbly and caring. This super sweet girl has a pink glitter encrusted body and glitter eyes with a star icon. Her antennas are star shaped and she has glitter eyelashes.

Her earth mission is to kiss an Earth boy which will be no easy task while wearing her bubble! She’s a little obsessed with Justin Bieber whose favourite colour, purple, just happens to match her hair.

What is Novi Star Ari’s favourite food?

Can you guess her favourite Earth food from her description? She likes that yellow and red triangle food which she thinks is called Zippa or perhaps pizo. Pizza! The last time she ate some it was topped with pineapple and she loved it, but her friend Mae got one with little silver fish on it which Ari did not like at all.

When she’s not out eating Pizza one of favourite pastimes is curling her hair with her ‘magic wand’ (tongs!)

Her pet is called O² and this little cutie has amazing, saucer like blue eyes and of course wears a bubble – just like her owner.

Like the other Novi Stars Ari Roma comes with

  • Her pet – O²
  • Removable bubble helmet
  • Her package handle which doubles as a headband for you

Since arriving on Earth her main objective is to learn to breathe Earth air so that she can get her bubble off her head.

Find out ‘what on Earth is going on’ with Ari Roma by logging into the girls  website

The one thing she doesn’t get is hats – quite understandable as she’s not able to wear one at present.

Who are the other Novi Stars?

Novi Stars Ari Roma Reviews

As the Novi Star dolls have only just been released there are no reviews to show at present, however, if you have already bought one of these 4 dolls please tell us what you though of it below.

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