Novi Stars Una Verse Doll

Meet Una Verse one of four Novi Star dolls who have just arrived on Earth and features:

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  • Pet
  • Batteries not required
  • Glitter and water floating inside her body
  • Suitable for age 6+

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Novi Stars Una Verse

Una Verse is the diva of the pack – who like the other Novi Stars came to find out what on Earth is going on?!

Who is Nova Stars Una Verse?

With her clear body filled with glitter and water her aim is to give Earth a space-age makeover. Novi Stars Una Verse Doll has stunning long white hair that has blue streaks through it she’s something of a dazzling diva.

Una’s fashion sense copies her look and she loves glittery and trendy clothes which will perfectly match her glitter eyes with planet icon, spiral antennas and her glittery eyelashes.

Folllow Una’s adventures here on Earth by logging into the Novi Stars website,

What Age is Una Verse?

At 4 Quadtrillion light years of age she’s finding it a little hard to keep her feet on the ground here on Earth.

Her pet, molecule, reflects her dazzling personality and has long lashes and cute horns. Even her eating style reflects this bubbly personality as her favourite food is sparkly H²O which to everyone else means soda.

Since landing in New York Una has found it difficult to keep her feet on the ground and has the tendency to float off and dancing is particularly difficult for her. Being the diva that she is Una Verse just doesn’t get flats and tennis shoes.

Who are the other Novi Stars?

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As the Novi Star dolls have only just been released there are no reviews to show at present, however, if you have already bought one of these 4 dolls please tell us what you though of it below

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