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Oh No – I’ve forgotten to pack the ……..!

What things do you always forget to pack when going on holiday?

With the rush to get everyone’s clothing and sun care packed in time for the holiday deadline it’s no wonder we always forget something.

Here are a few of the things we’ve forgotten and needed when on holiday.

  • Phone charger – you’ll need to charge your phone to let someone know you need picked up at the airport.
  • Sunscreen – yes we know we can buy it at the resort but you’re a captured audience and they’ll charge you a fortune for it.
  • Credit Card contact phone numbers – let’s hope you won’t need them but just in case one or two get lost having the numbers handy could save you a lot of hassle later.
  • Memory Cards for the camera(s) – you’re unlikely to capture those memorable moments when the memory cards are still at home
  • Batteries or Charger for the camera(s)
  • Ziploc bags – these are indispensable, you’ll be surprised how often you use them
  • Toothbrushes – you’ll not even notice you’ve forgotten to pack them until the meal you’ve just had leaves a taste in your mouth that you just need to get rid of.
  • Plasters – you never know when you’ll need one – good idea to carry one in your wallet when on the beach.
  • Tissues and Wipes – always needed and usually forgotten
  • Mosquito repellent – these pesky varmints can detect fresh skin and descend on you for lunch keep them at bay with a repellent
  • Pain relief/upset stomach tablets/etc carry a selection of your usual family medicines in your hand luggage – airline cabin crew are not usually able to give out medicines.
  • Copies of all your documents including passports could save you a lot of trouble if you loose yours.

Are you likely to forget something essential when heading off to the sun?

Let us know what it was that you forgot to pack, get in touch below.

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