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Oh No, Not The Green Chocolate!

Green quality street to be turned into a giant 36g My Green Bar.

As much as we do love the green chocolate in the Quality Street tin we really hoped it would be strawberry chocolate that would be turned into a bar.

Following on from the hugely successful My Purple Bar, which was launched by Nestle two years ago, My Green Bar will be 36g and will be released this Christmas.

Along side the new bar will be a range of  chocolates Quality Street gift products including products in giant packaging like Quality Street Purely Purple Ones, which contains dozens of the sweets and will be priced at £6.

We wonder if Nestle would ever do a surprise bar where no-one knew what each square was or filled with?

Other gifts will include the Smarties Super tube, which will contain eight tubes of Smarties and the Yorkie Spirit Level, which includes six Yorkie bar.

Which Quality Street would you like to be turned into a giant sweet? Comment below and let us know.

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