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Open All Hours – Closed For Business!

If you’re at all like us, you were glued to the television over Christmas when Open All Hours returned for a one off special.  A massive 9 million people tuned in to watch the show, but it seems that despite it’s huge success, Open All Hours is now closed for business.

Despite it’s huge viewing figures, it seems as the BBC are reluctant to sign Open All Hours up for a new series.  A BBC insider speculated that due to the fact the BBC have taken so long to sign the series up for a new series is ‘A telling sign’ that it will not return to our television screens in 2014.

The BBC have not officially denied the claims, nor have they dismissed them, but a BBC spokesman did insist they had made ‘no decision’ on the future of Open All Hours.

It would appear that Open All Hours is Closed For Business, we can only hope David Jason and the rest of the cast will be gracing our screens in the future.

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