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Order your Christmas flowers with Amazon Alexa

Thinking of sending flowers for Christmas? Now you can do this without even leaving your house as Interflora launch a new service making it possible to send flowers via your Amazon Alexa.

Pollen Station - Interflora
Image credit: Interflora

To use the skill, simply as Alexa to “Open Interflora”, place your order, checkout using Amazon Pay and send your flowers all through voice interaction.

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Available across all Alexa-enabled devices you can place your order whilst your on the go or relaxing at home with a hot chocolate – perfect!

Can’t decide what to buy? no worries there’s a ‘voice assistant’ personal shopper ready to help with inspiration. Once ordered flowers can be delivered you can have them delivered the same day, next day or on any date in the future.

Scarlet Wonder hand-tied
Image credit: Interflora

Interflora’s Amazon Alexa Skill launches on Thursday 12th December. Saying “Alexa, open Interflora” launches the skill, with Interflora’s voice assistant guiding customers through the purchase process. Find out how to enable the skill and more at https://www.interflora.co.uk/content/alexa/

Don’t own an Amazon Echo device yet? then here’s just another reason to buy one from Amazon for £59.99 or the Echo Dot for £34.99.

We’re off to have ours delivered for Christmas Eve!

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