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Our Favourite Wines For Your Christmas Table

Christmas time is a time to indulge in our favourite things and wine is one of those we love to have over Christmas. Wines that we buy through-out the year and put away for the big day, so we have put together our favourite wines for Christmas. Take a look below:

Wines For Christmas

Aldi’s The Exquisite Collection Gavi – £5.49

This white wine from Italy has been produced from Cortese grapes which are grown around the town in Gavi. This refreshing wine has a tangy lemon taste, fruit is the perfect wine to have with turkey at Christmas. However if you don’t have turkey them this white wine would compliment pasta and salad.

You can buy this wine from Aldi in store.

Tesco Finest Montepulciano D’abruzzo 75Cl – £6

When drinking this red wine you will taste Morello cherries, mocha and Christmas spices such as cinnamon. Easy on the palette, Tesco Finest Montepulciano D’abruzzo will go well with most food but is especially good with red meat dishes.

This wine is available in store or online at Tesco

Aldi’s Freeman’s Bay Pinot Gris – £5.69

Freeman’s Bay Pinot Gris is full of flavours such as melon, pear, mango, honeysuckle and spice making it the perfect wine to go with chicken or perhaps a vegetarian curry. It is crisp in taste and is at it’s best when it has been chilled in the fridge for a while.

You can buy this white wine in-store at Aldi

Piccini 1882 New Sparkling Wine – 2 For £14

Like a bit of fizz over Christmas or something to toast to the bells on New Years Eve? This Prosecco could be just the answer your looking for. Not only is this sparkling wine fruity, with zesty citrus and tropical fruit flavours but this balances fizz and flavours perfectly. Serve with dishes such as fish, chicken or scallops to get the most out of this drink.

You can buy Piccini 1882 New Sparkling Wine at Sainsburys

Piccini Orange Label Chianti – £6

This wine can be drank with practically any food but is especially tasty when served with cheese and biscuits. Chianti Orange is intensely fruit and is rich bodied and will leave a velvety and soft after taste on your palette.

This wine can be bought at Sainsburys

M Signature South African Chenin Blanc – £7

Crisp with a fruity aftertaste, this white wine from Morrisons own M Signature range has flavours of apple but also has a hint of honey, enjoy this Chenin Blanc wit chicken, turkey or mild spicy foods.

You can buy this wine at Morrisons

Wines At Christmas

Echo Falls Orange And Cranberry – £5.99

This wine is part of the Echo Falls Fruit Fusion and this flavour is Orange & Cranberry – traditional flavours we associate with Christmas. There is also a hint of lime give it an extra hint of freshness and zest – serve with a Christmas dessert to really get the best out of this wine.

You can buy Echo Falls at Tesco

Echo Falls Winter Spice – £5.99

Echo Falls Winter Spice has been mixed with orange, lemon and cinnamon flavours to give a warm winter drink. You can serve this as it is or for that extra special taste, heat it up like mulled wine but do not allow it to boil and add in a bit of orange juice, lemon peel and a cinnamon stick for that extra touch. If it is a bit bitter to taste, add a pinch of sugar and serve.

You can buy this wine at Tesco

William Hardy Chardonnay 75Cl – £7.50

Hardy’s wine is always a favourite at Christmas time, and this wine is no exception. Full bodied and fresh, this Chardonnay has lemon zest and white peach flavours and when you are drinking it has an oak flavour to it. This wine is smooth in texture so is soft on the palette and goes perfect with fish or pasta.

You can buy this William Hardy Chardonnay at Tesco

Tesco Finest Argentinian Malbec 75Cl – £6

This Malbec red wine has a dry and a fruity finish. When drinking you will get flavours of blackberry and plum but will leave a smooth feel on the palette. Enjoy with beef or lasagna and serve at room temperature.

You can buy this wine at Tesco

William Hardy Langhorne Creek Shiraz 75cl – £7.50

This full-bodied red wine is packed full of intense fruit flavours. As you drink this wine you will be able to taste fresh blackberry and mulberry finished off with a hint of pepper and vanilla spice. This Hardy’s red wine goes perfectly with pasta and meat dishes.

You can buy this Shiraz at Tesco

Blue Nun Original Family Tradition – £5

This special edition wine is quite sweet to drink and is perfect for special occasions and celebrations. This has a fruity taste but does have a slight crisp to it as you drink it. Ideal with fish, pasta, chicken and more, this classic white wine has always been a firm favourite!

You can find out more about Blue Nun Original Family Traditional here and is available exclusively at Asda.

I Heart Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine is crisp and fruity and has zesty lemon flavours which gives a crisp finish. This Sauvignon Blanc is at it’s best when it is drank hen eating chicken, turkey or even a tasty salad.

You can find out more about this wine here

M Signature Chablis 75cl – £10

Delicate, crisp and well balanced in flavour all make this the perfect wine to have with salmon, turkey, chicken or with a vegetarian dish. When drinking this wine you will taste green apple and soft banana flavours, so this will also taste great with desserts.

You can buy this wine online at Morrisons

Lisa McGuigan Silver Collection Shiraz 2011 – Vanessa Vale

This red wine is deep in colour and has a spice flavour to it, however it does leave a sweet after taste on the palette. This full-bodied wine tastes at it’s best when paired with beef or cheese and biscuits.

You can find out more about this wine here

Tesco Finest Chablis Grande Cuvee 75Cl – £10

Apple and citrus flavours make this wine crisp and gives a clean feel to the palette. Have this white wine with chicken or fish and to really get the most out of this wine, slightly chill it to make it taste even better.

You can buy this wine online at Tesco

Casal de Ventozela 2014 Vinho Verde – £9.99

Crisp, dry and full of flavour, this white wine will taste of melon and apple all finished with hints on lime giving it a refreshing taste. Have this wine with your Christmas day starter if you are having prawns or even egg mayonnaise.

You can find out more about this wine here

Blason de Bourgogne Chablis La Reserve – £12.00

Blason de Bourgogne Chablis La Reserve is a medal-winner which is refreshing to drink as it tastes of pear and lemon. It is a crisp and dry white wine which leaves a lovely taste on the palette and would taste at it’s best with turkey, chicken, fish or a vegetarian meal.

You can buy Blason De Bourgogne at Tesco

Chateau Pey La Tour Reserve Du Chateau 2009 – £24.99

Full-bodied, rich in taste and smooth on the palette, this red wine is full of flavours such as cherry, plum and has a hint of smokey oak. Team this red wine with beef or have with a pasta dish such as Spaghetti bolognese to really get the flavours out of this wine.

You can buy this Chateau La Tour at Waitrose

Tesco Finest Swartland Chenin Blanc 75Cl – £5.50

Easy on the palette and with hints of honey make this white wine perfect to have with chicken or to have with some cheese and biscuits. When drinking this wine you can taste pear, honey and has a hint of apricot giving this a slightly sweet after taste.

You can buy this wine online at Tesco

M Signature Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 75cl – £6

Rich, spicy and with peppery dark chocolate flavours with a smooth velvet feel on the palette all make this wine the perfect addition to any Christmas dinner table. If turkey is not your choice at Christmas but beef or pork is then have this red wine with your meal.

You can buy this wine online at Morrisons

These are just a few of the wines that we feel are the perfect wines to enjoy this Christmas.

What is your favourite wines to have over Christmas? Comment below and let us know.


  1. Laura Davies
    December 4, 2015 / 2:37 pm

    Sauvignon Blanc

  2. Audrey Naylor
    December 6, 2015 / 12:28 am

    well there is some nice tasting wine you have there. I know some will go with the christmas dinner.

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