Pair Game from Miniland Educational

Keep the little ones having fun as they learn with the new Pair Game from Miniland Educational which we were kindly sent to review and which features:

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  • 24 work sheets
  • 16 covers
  • Educational
  • Suitable for ages 3 – 6
  • available from

One of the first thing your child will notice when the new pair game arrives is the large, colourful box, which has a blue carry handle making it ideal for fun on the go.

The cardboard box is sturdy and ideal for packing the game away after play.

This game is both fun and educational and can be played alone or with others.

Open the box and inside you will see a bag containing 16 covers.  The covers are bright orange and are designed with little hands in mind, so are easy to hold.

The play board inside is blue with big round circles cut out.  It is easy to pull open and inside put one of the ‘pairs’ cards.

You will see the pair card has 16 different pictures = 8 pairs, there are 12 double sided cards featuring different pairs including:

  • Animals
  • Heads and tails
  • Outlines
  • Smiley faces
  • Eyes
  • And many more

Initially it is a good idea for parents to spend time explaining the pictures and how the pairs work.

Once your child is fully aware of this concept you are ready to play the game.

It may be a good idea to play together – an adult or older sibling and a child as one player until your child/children get to grips with the game.

Playing the game is really easy – start by covering each circle with one of the lids. Take it in turn to take off one of the covers, then comes the hard part, remembering where you saw the ‘pair’.

If they get it right then the child holds onto the lid and those pictures remain uncovered.

If they get it wrong then the 2 pictures shown must be recovered, the aim of the game is to find each pair and when all are uncovered the game is complete

If the game is to be played with more than one player, each child must take their turn and the winner is the child with most lids when the game is completed

Your preschool child will love playing this game and will help both memory and hand eye co-ordination

We’d love to hear what you and your child thought of the Miniland Pair Game – you can get in touch below.

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