Paper FX

Create your own style with Paper FX which features:

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  • Create unique items
  • Recycle paper
  • Carry case packaging
  • Suitable for age 7+ years
  • available from

Transform used magazines and paper into your own unique stylish creations using the Paper FX.

Make your own fashion statements with handbags, purses, make up bags and much more that no one else can copy. Each item will be unique to you – because you make it to suit your individual style.

The only limit to Paper FX is your imagination.

With Paper FX from Flair, stylish accessories to match every outfit become reality with just a few sheets of paper and a little imagination. Simply tear it, crease it, weave it and make it.

Use magazines, newspapers and junk mail or if you fancy something sparkly then go for some glittery, sparkly wrapping paper.

Start your creation create your strips by inserting your paper into the tearer and tear off your strip, next insert the paper strip into the creaser, make a combination of closed and open strips, then start to weave it all together and watch as your creation start taking shape.

If you are afraid it may be too complicated then don’t worry – inside the box you will find a detailed instruction booklet which gives you step by step ideas to get you started.

When you’ve finished creating for the day put all your contents away in the hand carry case packaging.

Recycling and reusing materials and creating unique items are the biggest trends in fashion and this creative gadget caters for both. This kit is a fun way to teach children the value of recycling.

What’s inside Paper FX box?

  • weaver
  • tearer
  • creaser
  • 3 twizzle sticks
  • winder
  • glue
  • applicator
  • project book
  • (Paper not included)
  • For ages 7+

Specifications for the FX kit

  • Item Weight: 671 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 671 g  
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 7 – 12 years

Reviews for the Paper FX Creative Kit

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