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Parents have no confidence?

A new survey by Transform Cosmetic Surgery has found that over 30 per cent of parents feel they have no confidence to pass on to their children.

Do you as a parent have low confidence levels? and do you think your child picks up on this? according to a new report it seems over a third of British parents worry that their children are following in the same footsteps.

According to the survey Cardiff parents are the least confident, with over 40 per cent of mums and dads stating they have low confidence and worry about passing this on to their children.

Do you worry about returning back to work after being on maternity leave?  heading for job interviews or even just visiting your local swimming pool?  Then you are not alone as these situations topped the list on what parents worry about the most, with visiting the pub and heading to the school gates being on the bottom of the list.

Are British parents suffering a huge confidence crisis? and will this lead to a generation of shy, insecure youngsters?

As part of Transform’s Feel Good Campaign (an initiative aiming to empower the nation and encourage Brits to feel good about themselves), the company are trying to help promote adults to be their own number 1 fan.

Steven Taylor, Marketing Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group said:  “Our whole campaign is centred around empowering the nation to feel good about themselves and celebrate their own achievements, however small. We want to highlight these findings to help parents feel confident in their own skin and not let the peer pressure from other parents take over their lives.”

Should parents be more confident?  Are you a confident parent?  Share your thoughts with us and others below using our fast and simple comments box.

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