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Can you tell a good story? Or do you know someone who can? As this person could well be the winner of Paul Lamond’s The Story Telling Game. We were kindly sent this to review.

Whether they tell a short story, a fairy tale or a spooky narrative, adults and kids age 6 and over are going to love this fast paced game and the story as it unfolds.

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You can buy The Story Telling Game for Christmas HERE!

The Story Telling Game is a great way to get all the family around the table and once each story teller has their five words on their cards, the electronic timer (which requires 3AAA batteries) starts and the story telling begins. Player No.1 starts off and includes one of their words into the story, then it’s the turn of the next player who must incorporate their own word into player 1’s story and so it goes on until time runs out and the buzzer sounds ‘The End’ to whoever is still talking.

This is not ‘The End’ of the game as when the buzzer sounds the player who was still talking must pick up all the cards used by the other players and begin telling a new story, this time opening with ‘Twice upon a time’ and again must incorporate one of the words on each of their cards

Like all good games there’s always a twist and in The Story Telling Game it’s the Smiley Trump card.  This card can be used as any word, and if the holder of the Smiley Trump card is the story teller caught by the buzzer, they can get off scot-free and the next player has to collect all the cards.

Use the cards to tell your tale – there are joker cards, trump cards and change of direction cards to liven things up -but you’ll have to be quick, as that pesky buzzer keeps ticking it’s way down and catches you out! It’s a bit like a story telling ‘Pass the Parcel’ game. The winner is the story teller who has no cards left.

It takes a great imagination and quick thinking to keep this game moving smoothly around the players and it’s an ideal way to keep the kids busy on a cold, wet day.  What stories will your Jackanory come up with – you may well be surprised at just how creative they can be!

Suitable for 2 or more players age 6 and over, The Story Telling Game from Paul Lamond is guaranteed to be hugely popular this Christmas and is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in children.

Get the family involved in this fun game and stretch everyone’s imagination as they play their cards to tell a story – just don’t be caught talking when the buzzer buzzes!

Can you make up a good story when you’re under pressure? Or does the buzzer ticking the time down drive your imagination away?

Get in touch below and tell us about the best story you’ve ever told.

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  1. Karl Borowy
    October 31, 2014 / 6:18 pm

    oinck pig when i was 7

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