Peppa Pig Toys

Join in all the muddy puddle fun with the new peppa pig toys.  Peppa who lives with Mummy pig, Daddy Pig and her brother George loves going on adventures with all of her family and friends – just make sure its Mummy Pig who read the map.

Based on the popular children’s TV show which airs on Channel 5/Nick Jr the show aims to help teach children about responsibility, fun, friendship and more.

Peppa is usually joined by Sally sheep (her best friend), Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Rebecca Rabbit as she goes exploring, however the one thing she loves more than anything is jumping in muddy puddles, laughing and making snorting noises.

The range of Peppa Pig Toys are designed around episodes and characters of the programme so you can expect play-sets, talking peppa and even some peppa pig ride on.

Get your welly’s on and look out for your nearest muddy puddle!

Introducing Peppa and her friends

Peppa – The main character in the series, she is four years old and can sometimes be a little bossy. Peppa loves to hang out with her best friend Suzy Sheep, visiting her Grandpa and Granny and going on day trips with her family. She lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and younger brother George. You will find her jumping in puddles and laughing loudly!

George – who is Peppa’s little brother is only 18 months old, he loves hanging out with his big sister even when she get’s a little bossy. His most loved toy in the world is his dinosaur and even though George cannot speak yet he manages to say one word perfect – Dine-Saw!

Mummy Pig – Just like peppa Mummy pig loves jumping in muddy puddles! she works very hard from home on her computer and even lets both children help out – as long as they don’t bash the keyboard! Mummy pig is wise and a better map reader than daddy pig!

Daddy pig – Loves to laugh and is nearly always jolly – as long as his glasses are not missing! gets excited when the family go on day trips. His favourite food is cookie and pumpkin pies and is most happy when playing with George and peppa even though she teases him about his round tummy.Granny and Grandpa Pig – Grandpa pig is very good at growing vegetables and Granny is the best at making delicious chocolate cake – Just like most granny’s. The make Oink Oink noises when they talk.

Suzy Sheep – Peppa’s best friend and likes playing nurses.  Her favourite card game is snap and she makes Baa noises.

Danny Dog – Is happiest when working in the garage and playing football with granddad dog!

Rebecca Rabbit – As you can guess loves carrots and is very good at hopping however, when the attention goes on to her she becomes very shy and gets a red face.  She makes squeak squeak noises.

Pedro Pony – A little shy and needs glasses to help him see better has a favourite toy parrot balloon.

Emily Elephant – One of peppa’s new friends, Emily likes to play with building blocks and jumping up and down in puddles. the sound Emily makes is like a trumpet Eeooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!

Richard Rabbit – Is Rebecca’s younger brother he is the same age as George and like to hang out with him, they both love dinosaurs!

Zoe Zebra – The daughter of Mr Zebra the postman, Zoe like to go with her dad and help deliver the post and he favourite thing in the whole world is her toy monkey. She makes brrr noises and her monkey makes ‘Ooooh Oooh Oooh’ sounds.

Candy Cat – Very good at playing tiger as she can creep along quietly then jump! She will purr when happy and makes Meow sounds.

Online Website & TV Programme

You can go online to to play games, watch videos and even read books with peppa. If you want to watch all the episodes which only last 5/6 minutes each you can visit when you can catch up on all the exciting journeys peppa is going on. The Peppa pig toys will be suitable for ages 2 and older and will help encourage with reading, counting, walking and more.

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