Pick-a-Puppets are puppets with a purpose.  Suitable from birth these fun and friendly characters can help make bath time easier, set a bedtime routine and how to eat healthier. We were kindly sent these to review but all thoughts are our own.

Children will love these cute characters which will easily fit on small hands as well as adults. There are three pickapuppets to choose from:

  • Bedtime Buddy
  • Mealtime Max
  • Bathtime Bubbles – this cute duck who helps at bath time will be released in summer 2013.

Bedtime Buddy aims to help children through the sometimes difficult process of going to sleep.

Buddy is a cute striped cat and by using him in conjunction with the short story book may help to reassure children that bedtime is a nice time at the end of the day.

He encourages children to put away their toys and too clean their teeth every night before bed.

Buddy is tired and he is such a good cat that he goes to bed to sleep.  He tells children that they need to sleep to that they are not tired next day.  He yawns and lies down to sleep encouraging your children to do so too.

At the end of the book there is a fun castle reward chart and a rocket reward chart for your child to fill in.

Mealtime Max is a soft cuddly brown dog and he helps teach children about the importance of eating healthily.

Following his book, Max will tell them all about his favourite tasty vegetables and asks encourages interaction through fun questions such as name the vegetable.

Max explains why he doesn’t eat sugary food every day and why it is so important to brush your teeth.

At the end of the book there is a fruit and vegetable reward chart which can be coloured in.

Pick-a-puppets help promote reading and also encourage development skills such as speech, language and communication all while having fun.  Here is holly demonstrating Pick-A-Puppets:

Each book contains 6 pages and at the end of each there are reward charts which your child can fill in. The charts can be enlarged so that they can be placed in their bedroom where they can fill it in at the end of the day and also check their progress.

Hand puppets are great fun and children love to interact with them.  As children love to copy what they do, they are both a great toy and a useful aid when instilling everyday routines.

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