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Pinkie Cooper Deluxe Travel Collection Doll And Pet – London

Pinkie & Lil’ Pinkie are off on their travels to London. We were kindly sent this to review.

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The set features:

  • Pinkie & Lil Pinkie
  • Camera & Umbrella
  • Hairbrush
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and up
  • Does not require any batteries
  • Available At Amazon UK

Pinkie Cooper Deluxe Travel Collection Doll and Pet – London

When Pinkie In London arrived at UnderTheChristmasTree HQ, we knew it was going to be one toy that was going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year. Why do we think this we hear you ask? Lets first explain why we liked Pinkie so much. First of all her big brow eyes and pink eyeshadow, with her tartan dress and matching hat with her pink boots made us instantly realize that she is one fashionable lady!

Her brown and blonde hair is soft to touch and you can even brush her hair with the included hairbrush. To make sure that her hair doesn’t get messed up if it rains she even has her own pink umbrella, so not only is she stylish but also sensible.

Just like anyone who is on their travels she has her very own camera so that she can take lots of pictures while she is visiting London.

Pinkie wouldn’t go anywhere with out Lil Pinkie who is her Jet Set Pet. She is also dressed in the same tartan material as Pinkie which we think is very sweet! Packing these away were very easy, we just put them back in their packaging and put back into the box,

Overall we think Pinkie In London by Flair is a great toy for kids. Its fun, kids can use their imagination and go on lots of fun adventures with Pinkie and the Jet Set Pets.

Congratulations to Flaire who have made it onto our official YouTube Channel. Watch Mandy demonstrating Pinkie Cooper dolls below:

Pinkie Cooper Sprinkles

We also received Pinkie Cooper Sprinkles, this is not included with the Pinkie In London set but we just wanted to share our thoughts on this pet. The very first thing we noticed was the fact that she has a crown, that’s right a crown need we say more?

She has on a zebra print outfit which is soft to touch, a very nice purple bow and in her hair she has a black and silver clasp and on her paw she has a very stylish silver ankle bracelet. There is also a black/silver lead so that you can take her walk. She also has her food in a bowl which is sitting on a purple chair.

Pinkie Cooper In London & Pinkie Cooper Sprinkles Reviews

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