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Pizza Party Time Fun with the kids

We are going to make a big assumption here… children love pizza! and in most cases so do us adult’s. Whether its plain with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes or is the full whack with all the trimmings, there is a pizza out their for everyone.

Why not make this weekend’s pizza a little different and let the kids make their very own.

Choose from an array of toppings and let the kids get to work. All your kids will need is some aprons, adult supervision ( a little help) and a empty belly ready to fill.

What you will need for a pizza party:

  • Plain pizza bases
  • Tomato pizza sauce
  • Your choice of toppings such as: Pineapple, tuna, peppers, onions, mushrooms, chicken, sausage,
    ham and if vegetarian chop some Quorn sausage or “ham” style slices.
  • Some cheese: choose from Mozzarella, mature or even a good mixture of both

You can buy all of this at Tesco Groceries: Visit Tesco Groceries

Get your pizza ready for the pizza party:

Step 1) Get out the plain pizza bases and give each of the kids one.

Step 2) Divide the pizza sauce into small bowl’s and dish out to the kids (this saves the kids slapping on far to much) and tell them to spread on in a circular motion over the pizza.

Step 3) Sprinkle over grated cheese on the base not to much as you will be adding toppings.

Step 4) After parents have sliced up all the vegetable, meats and other toppings put into bowls and get your little ones to choose what they want on the pizza. Get your child to make a smiley face or an animal with the ingredients on their pizza.

You will hear a lot of laughter and see your child face light up as they are doing this.

Step 5) Once the design is done sprinkle on some more cheese and then mum or dad can put into a pre-heated oven and leave to cook for around 15 mins.

Step 6) When all is cooked mum and dad can pull out of the oven and get the kids to look over the to ensure it is done to their standard and to see the finished product.

Step 7) Now it’s time to dig in! and what’s better you can try everyone else too!

This is a great idea for children’s party’s, summer holidays or even just making the weekend that little bit different.

You can buy all of the ingredients from Asda Groceries

Have you made pizza before with your child? Have you had a pizza party?   Tell us all about it using our comments box below, you could even send us in your pictures too.

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