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Plan A Kids Christmas Party On A Budget

Your planning a kids Christmas party and this year it’s never been easier to do it on a budget.

When planning a kids party, organisation is key.

Firstly find a quiet corner (does that really exist?) and make a list of all the things you’re likely to need and work your way through the list.

It’s a good idea to take it with you when you head out, that way you can be sure that nothing has been missed.   It’s so annoying when something as essential as Christmas crackers are left on the shelf.

We’ve put together a list of things that might help you on your way. Feel free to print it out!

  • Decorations
  • Party Snacks
  • Soft Drinks
  • Napkins, Plates, Plastic cups & Straws
  • Tablecovers
  • Festive Music
  • Crackers
  • Prizes for games

You know you’ll be strapped for time and the thought of running around town, through busy supermarkets just fills you with dread, as does the thought of what it’ll cost.

Don’t let yourself get stressed out about it all, why not visit your nearest Poundland shop where you’ll find all the things on your list and probably a good few more.  How much will it cost? Easy just £1 per item.


As Christmas is looming you may well already have the room decorated before the party is due, but more fairy lights, some tinsel and a few extras never go amiss.

As for food and drinks, let’s face it, as long as children have sweets and crisps they’re pretty happy, add in a few sandwiches and some finger food and you’ve got it covered.

Paper plates and napkins are an essential at a kids party and from previous experience I’d also add in a disposable tablecover, plastic cups and straws.

Many parents aren’t too keen on kids having too much fizzy juice, so don’t forget a few bottles of the diluting variety as well.

Decorate your table using red plastic charger plates for the food and colourful paper plates for the kids, some plastic cups and a few colourful straws. Sprinkle some sparkly confetti style pieces and streamers around the table and it’ll look fantastic and when they’re done, if you’re using a disposable table cover, simply wrap the lot up inside it and put it in the bin.


Christmas music is always fun to sing along with and ideal for playing every kids favourite games – musical statues, musical chairs and (no party is complete without it!) pass the parcel.  Once again there’s no point in spending a fortune on prizes, christmas paper and sellotape to see it lying all over your floor within a few minutes as the kids excitedly rip the parcels open.

When it’s time for home and you’ll want them to leave with a little something to take away with them, bags of chocolate coins and candy canes always go down a treat.

Whatever your plans are for the run up to Christmas, we hope you have all the fun and happiness you so deserve  – so we’ll finish with a few words from the man himself – Merry Christmas to All and to all a Goodnight,Ho Ho Ho!

What are your Christmas kids party essentials? Comment below and share with us and others.

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