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Planning a family holiday abroad? You will be hit with child penalties

Summer is nearly upon us and families are checking out the best prices for a week or two away with the kids, however did you know you are being penalized for taking your little ones with you?

The Daily Mail reported today that travel companies Thomas Cook and Thomsons are charging up to a whopping £200 plus to take the children along with you.

The popular news website state the travel firms have been charging two parents and two children more than they would for four adults booking the exact same package?  Should families being paying more for taking their children?

A spokesman for the consumer group Which? condemned the policy, saying: ‘It’s completely unfair that holidays should cost more for parents because of under-occupancy charges for children.’

Thomson’s who said this was a mistake and not a dleiberate policy are currently looking at ways to improve their booking form and said: ‘We recommend that any customer planning to book online before the issue is resolved should check the total cost of their booking against that of all adults and book as adults if  necessary.’

After reported by the Daily Mail Thomsons set up a phone line to allow families who have been charge a lot more a refund.

Do you feel you are penalized when booking with children? Has your family holiday cost gone up?  Let us and other know your experience by commenting below.

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