Plant Your Christmas Plants Now

Spring GardenSpring is well on it’s way, the clocks are going forward and it’s getting to that of year again where it’s time to plant all of your seeds in the garden in time for Christmas.

So what can you plant just now in time for Christmas?

Poinsettia plant’s are usually associated with Christmas, they are red and green in colour and if you are growing them from seed this should be planted in the Spring for us to have them in our homes for the festive period.

Holly is a favourite at Christmas time and it is best to plant this festive favourite in September, October, April and May, however Holly is a tough plant and does not mind being planted anytime as long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Brussel Sprouts, whether we like them or not, these little green gems are always on the Christmas dinner table! if you are looking to grow your own in time for the festive period, its best to get them planted in Spring/Summer so that they are ready in time.

Brussel Sprouts

So what other plants should you plant just now to get a good crop? There are hundreds of different flowers and vegetables to plant, why not plant some broccoli or leeks in the Spring? as these can also been left in the ground until the following April. Looking to add a bit of colour to your garden? Plant some Sweet Peas which are full of colour and give off a sweet smell. Sweet Pea’s not for you? Give Roses a try, there are lots of different colours to choose from and they can be planted now, not only do they brighten up the garden but you can get a bunch for your home.

Sweet Peas Flowers

Looking to plant some vegetables? Now is the perfect time to plant Asparagus as this can be harvested in March/April next year. Get your onions planted now so that these can be harvested in late-July – September. Tomato’s are are a great way to brighten up your garden, but before they make their way outside, they need to be placed in a propagator or place the pots in a plastic bag and place on the windowsill.

Take a look at what Christmas seeds you can buy to start growing in your garden today here – Christmas plants and vegetables.

What flowers and vegetables will you be planting this Spring? Comment below and let us know.

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