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Play Your Christmas Tune’s On The Groov-e Sound Curve Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio Speaker

Fancy rockin’ around the Christmas tree?  We know we do at this time of the year! and what better device to us than a speaker which can play your Bluetooth device, FM Radio and and wake you up in the morning – imagine ‘It’s Christmas’ blaring out at you at 6am. We were kindly sent this to review.

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You can purchase the Sound Curve Speaker and Alarm Clock here at AMAZON UK.

The new Sound Curve Alarm Clock Radio Speaker System from Groov-e could be the answer to every gift dilemma possible, with dual USB charging ports, wireless audio playback, dimmer function, 3w speaker and more this would be the ultimate present or so Mandy from the office thought:

“When the speaker first arrived, I couldn’t help but notice just how everything on the box stands out,  With a clean white and red design you can easily see exactly what the Sound Curve can do and how it looks.  Once opened and taken out (not to much polystyrene thankfully – I hate the sound it makes!) you will notice the speakers, controls and dual USB ports where you can connect your iPod/Mp4 player etc on the top.

Probably the best bedside companion you can have, the Sound Curve is easy and quick to set up. To set the alarm simply hold the on/off key to set into standby mode, press and hold the AL-SET/AL-Mode until the display shows everything at 0, next up use the left and right to set hours then press AL-SET/AL-Mode and do the same to set minute mode – I had to do this a few time as it kept going to forward! You are then ready to select what you would like to wake you up, either FM or as it is Bluetooth wireless you can connect to your device and use music from your devices!

Don’t worry there is a snooze function (which comes in handy after the office Xmas night out) and because it has dual USB ports you can charge your mobile and other devices on the Groov-e Sound Curve.  The unit however does require two AAA-CELL batteries but you can save energy by switching to “STANDBY” mode.As for sound quality personally I thought it was excellent, the FM antenna wire picked up the stations  and when connected with my iPod the quality was fantastic.  The curved design of the speaker system allows  it to be placed anywhere in your home.

Overall if you are looking for a special gift for that one person who has just about everything then the Sound Curve Alarm Clock Speaker System should be top of your list. Priced with an RRP of £49.99 however I have seen it for around £25-£30 on offer, making it not to costly.

You can purchase the Sound Curve Speaker and Alarm Clock here at AMAZON UK.

Would listening to your favourite song get you up in the morning?  Share your thoughts below!

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