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Playground Summer Safety Tips

Now that school’s out for summer it’s a good idea to take a look at your local playground’s safety features.   No doubt it will be well used during the long summer break and child safety is paramount.

Check out our tips below for a safer summer playground:

Before heading out on ‘playground watch’ pack a bag containing a few essentials to take with you, include items such as a first aid kit, plasters, sunscreen, tissues, water/juice, snacks and don’t forget to bring your fully charged mobile.

This year in the UK we have experienced some much appreciated sunshine – watch out for those UV rays and put sunscreen on your children before heading out to the playground.

Make sure an age appropriate adult is always present – get together with friends and neighbours to take turns at ‘playground watch’

Many playground injuries are as a result of children falling onto the ground.  The playground surface should be of an acceptable material such as wood fibre, sand, rubber or similar materials.  It should not be concrete, dirt or grass.

Take a look at the equipment provided and check that it is rust free and has no missing parts.  All equipment (swings etc) should be safely anchored to the ground.

Watch out for trailing strings and ropes and make sure they are securely fitted.

Children have loads of fun running around and don’t seem to notice that they are overheating, encourage them to play in a shaded area if possible.

Now that you are happy that their surroundings are safe it’s time for the most important point of all –


Share with us and other parents you Summer safety playground advice and tips below.

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