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Playmobil Pirates 5238 Remote Control Pirate Ship

Ahoy me hearties it’s time to set sail on the high seas with the Playmobil Pirates 5238 Remote Control Pirate Ship.

We’re taking to the high seas on a quest for treasure and we’ll run a cannon across the bow of any scurvy dog who crosses our path as we steer our way through the seas.

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Playmobil’s RC Pirate Ship is available from Amazon UK

Kids will have great fun this Christmas playing with this RC Pirate Ship and talking like a pirate.  The ship has loads of details, 2 cannons that fire, black sails and a storage hold where budding buccaneers can stow away their booty.

No ship would be complete without a captain, a first mate and a young seadog that can easily climb up to the crows nest, as well as a collection of essential pirate accessories such as swords, a treasure chest, pirate hats and lots more that all add to the playability of this Playmobil Ship.

Get ready to set sail ye landlubbers and splice the mainbrace as we take the Playmobil Remote Control Pirate Ship on her first voyage.  It’s really easy to ensure that the ship remains upright and stable when out sailing the seas, (the local pond?) as the twin-prop motor easily clips onto the bottom of the Pirate Ship.

Steering the ship is really easy as the black remote control is a good size for small hands to hold and the two thrust controllers, one which gently get the ship moving and the second which controls the rudder, are simple to use.

Captains aged 7 -12 will have hours of fun with the Playmobil Remote Control Pirate Ship, which is like two toys in one, a ship that actually does sail outdoors and a play set with loads af accessories. The Pirate Ship and remote do require batteries – 1 x 9v and 6 x AA, but are not included.

The three figures that come with the play-set are poseable and can bend, sit, stand, and turn their heads to make realistic role-play even more exciting.

Heave Ho me hearties and batten down the hatches as we prepare to set sail on the Playmobil Remote Control Pirate Ship.

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