Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142

Let’s face it, all girls want to be a princess and live in a fantasy castle, and now they can with the new for 2012 Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142. Features of the toy includes:

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  • Princess With Pegasus Carriage
  • Royal Banquet Room
  • Princess Tiara, Bracelet & Ring
  • Available from Amazon UK

Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142

Being a princess is hard work! Looking after the castle, the staff and the animals is harder than you would think! Luckily enough, your child needn’t work too hard as this set is all about the fun! Playmobil have recently released the princess fantasy castle and are set to release a whole range of princess fantasy toys meaning your little princess can be a real little princess.

The castle is painted in pink and white and has a beautiful balcony with a white patterned rail and pink curtains for the royal family to hide behind to prepare for their entrance.  The Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142 has a beautiful twisted staircase, lined with pink carpet and white steps, which leads up to the towers which are beautifully topped with the royal flags.

Included in the set is the Princess with Pegasus Carriage,  Royal Banquet Room, Royal Bathroom & A Royal Dressing Room.

Every child loves to dance, which is why Playmobil have included in the ballroom,  a revolving dance floor so that your kids can dance away.

In the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this is the perfect gift for  the perfect happily ever after.

What Is In The Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142 Box?

This is what you will receive in the box;-

  • More than 50 Pieces including mini figures, castle, shoes & more.
  • Tons Of Accessories Including Chandelier and Duck Pond
  • Ballroom With Revolving Dancefloor
  • Lockable Secret Chamber In The Tower

5142 Princess Fantasy Castle Specifications

The Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142 has many specifications, which include;-

  • Created By: Playmobil
  • Release: June 2012
  • Batteries Not Required
  • Suitable For Children Ages 4+
  • Dimensions: 75cm Long, 72cm Wide, 67cm Tall – Quite Simply Put, It’s Huge!
  • Tiara, Beacelet & Ring Included

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