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Pokemon Catch ‘N’ Return From Tomy

We were delighted when Tomy sent us the 2 player Pokemon Catch ‘N’ Return game to review and which includes:

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  •  Game mat
  •  Three 5th generation Pokemon figures
  •  ID cards
  •  Two Poke balls
  •  Two platforms
  • suitable for age 4+
  • Available At Amazon UK

Suitable for ages 4 and over, (pretty much the educational age of our two volunteers), this will test your aiming skill as you try to knock the character into the Poke’ Ball.

Are you ready to take part in the ultimate catch competition? Two of the team, Holly and Katy were quick to volunteer when the Pokemon Catch ‘N’ Return Poke Ball Competition was delivered to our offices. This is what they had  to say about it.

Will you be the ultimate Pokemon catcher? Katy certainly thinks she will be but Holly knows her weaknesses (she couldn’t catch a cold!) all to well.  Let the game begin.

‘Firstly remove the play mat from the box and slot it together,  place it on a flat surface ready to begin play.Set up the three stands in the centre of the game mat and place the black stand in the middle. The aim of the game is to be first to catch two of the three Pokemon and win the game.’

It all sounds really easy but does actually take a bit of skill to aim properly and hit the character into the Poke’ Ball. It took Katy quite some time to get her aim right but once she got her aim right she was off and Holly was hard pushed to keep up.

Her favourite part of the game was after knocking down the character into the Poke’ ball she had to activate the reverse button to send the ball back to the user and be ready to catch it.  This would be her downfall and Holly knew it!   With a severe case of butter fingers Katy just can’t catch or keep hold of anything without dropping it (we’ve lost count of the coffee cups that end up on the office floor).

However, clenching her teeth and giving Holly a stare that says don’t even think about it, she used all her concentration (?) and did win once or twice. Katy said ‘I had great fun playing this game, and yes, I admit, I am a very bad loser – don’t think Holly’ll get away with winning – I’ll be back for a return match and this time I’m bringing the boss with me. Think you’ll win this time Holly?  I doubt it!

This really is great fun, we had loads of laughs when we played it. Kids will love it and even better they can add to their game with other Catch ‘n’ Return Poke Balls and compatible figures.’

Reviews for the Pokemon Catch ‘n’ Return Poke Ball Competition

Have you already played this fun game?  Get in touch below and tell us what you thought of it.

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  1. Carrie Talbot-Ashby
    December 2, 2013 / 11:50 am

    Haven’t played but my two boys would love it! They love anything Pokemon! 🙂 xxx

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