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Poopyhead – The Game Where No.2 Always Wins

The team here at UnderTheChristmasTree were more than a little surprised when we were told that ‘Poopyhead’ was being delivered to the office.

However, once unwrapped we were delighted to discover that it was a new board game for the over 6’s. Looking like it would be lots of fun, three members of the team volunteered to play the game which has a tag line of ‘The Game where No2 always wins!’

The aim of the game is to beat your opponents and to ensure you have less poo’s on your head than the other players.


First things first, in order to play Poopyhead you must first explain the rules to all the players and then, after shuffling the 48 cards, give out the relevant number of cards to each player.

In our case there were 3 players so only the cards with both 2 and 3 flies shown on the backside were to be used (for 2 players use only card with 2 flies and for 4 or more all cards should be used), the remaining cards are not required and should be set to one side.

Each card feature symbols and in order of rank they are :
1. toilet
2. poopyhead
3. toilet paper
4. washing hands

Next, John place the pink whoopee cushion into the centre of the table where it could be easily reached by all players.

Keeping all their cards in a pile, and on the count of three, everyone turned their cards over, and when Holly placed an orange toilet card into the centre of the table, the round began in earnest.

There’s no taking turns in this game so it’s everyone for themselves in this fast paced action game from Identity Games. If you have a card which is one up from Holly’s orange toilet card (John had a card with a poo on it) and is a different colour then you can play your card.

The game continued until Katy played a ‘washing hands’ card – the game was then restarted and someone had to discard a different coloured ‘toilet’ card.

The aim of Poopyhead is to play your cards as quickly as possible, and the team certainly did, until you cannot play any more cards or have no cards left, then quicky hit the whoopeee cushion.

Katy was the player left holding most cards and lost the round and had to wear a poopy on her head. The game continues for five games and the player with the most poopies on their head, in this case Holly, is the loser.

All in all the game took the team around half and hour to play, but a good ten minutes can be deducted when they couldn’t play for the tears streaming down their faces from laughing so much!

As Poopyhead was drawn to a close, we asked John for his verdict on the game. He said “I had great fun playing this and I can see that both kids and adults will have great fun with it too, whether with a group of friends or as a family”

Price at around £13.75 Poopyhead is available from Amazon UK.

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